Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Argumentative Essays on Abortion

Argumentative essays on abortion have been here for the longest duration. The controversy on this subject has attracted opinions from all avenues of life. People in politics, education, medicine, and religion, social and psychological fields among other arenas have given their opinions on abortion. Essays on abortion and religion and argumentative essays on abortion are thus common within the education system. This makes it challenging to write a good essay that will fetch you high grades and not bore your instructors.
Writing a unique essay on abortion
As a rule argumentative essays on abortion must capture the perspectives of both sides. It is important for you to carry out research on the proponents of abortion. This will give you the views of those supporting abortion and those opposing it.
In many cases, supporters of abortion view the issue from a medical and social perspective. Medics have argued that there are instances when abortion will save the mother and the society. Social proponents of the issue have argued that it is a woman’s choice to keep or abort a baby. Either way, supporters of abortion do not view abortion as murder, rather as a
safe and informed choice. Some have even gone to the extent of proposing legalization of abortion.                                                                                                                                                    
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On the other hand, opponents of abortion mainly consider the moral aspects of the issue. Most of them will quote religion and ethical values as reasons for opposing abortion. Essays on abortion and religion are stemmed from such opinions. These opponents will argue that abortion is similar to committing murder and the fetus is a helpless human being with the right to live. Furthermore, opponents of abortion state that the right to choice should be exercised through contraceptives as termination of pregnancy denies another human being the right to life.
After exhaustively giving the opinions of both proponents and opponents it is necessary to take a stance. You can either choose to support or oppose abortion. You have to give your reasons based on facts and evidence. Alternatively, you can maintain a grey area and choose a middle ground.
Caution must be taken when writing about this touchy issue. As a writer, even if you choose a particular side, do not portray biased feelings against another side. Instead write objectively. Unless you have been specifically asked to write on a particular field like essays on abortion and religion maintain an open-minded stance when citing examples and facts. Otherwise you risk going on and on about the issue. Where you face challenges in writing this type of essay, our expert writers are readily available to assist you.

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