Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Essays on Abortion Rights

The question of whether or not abortion should be legalized has been debated on for centuries. There have been divergent views on this subject and both proponents and opponents have discussed the subject at length. Either way this question has triggered essays on abortion rights and essays on abortion should be legal.
Legalizing abortion
Essays on abortion rights and essays on abortion should be legal support the formalization of abortion and inclusion of the same in public medical facilities. The proponents for this legalization process have likened abortion to a medical procedure like any other and given diverse reasons as to why it should be offered publicly. The following are some reasons why they support the formalization process.
  • Pro-choice. Most of these proponents believe that it is a woman’s choice to have a baby or not. Where the woman feels she is not ready psychologically, socially and economically to raise a child she should be allowed to terminate her pregnancy. Legalizing abortion will give women a chance to choose to be parents or otherwise.
  • Reduction of backstreet abortions and its risks. Most of the females who opt for abortion are young and some cannot even afford to seek the services from good facilities. This puts such women at high risk and many have suffered hemorrhage, infertility, botched abortions and other complications. Some have even died while undergoing the procedures in quack medical facilities. Such cases can be reduced by legalizing abortion.

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  • Reduction of abandoned babies and broken families. By legalizing abortion fewer women will have to raise children as single parents. The rate of abandoned children and children in foster homes will also reduce drastically. The effects of this will be felt in social structures as there will be reduced broken homes.
  • There will be reduced stigmatization because of abortion and better psychological care for women who have gone through abortion. Many women who go through abortion are regarded poorly in society and are subject to scorn and stigma.
  • The government would benefit from legalization of the services as women would seek public services and pay for them. Backstreet services and private medical facilities are very expensive and all these fees could easily be channeled to the public facilities if abortion is made legal.
These are just but a few reasons why abortion should be legalized. For further help with essays on abortion rights contact our writers through our custom essay writing website.