Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Essays on Abortion Pro-choice

Abortion is a controversy whose debates will never end. Essays on abortion pro-choice are meant to enlighten people about the advantages of abortion and why it should be legalized. The opposite is true for essays on abortion pro-life. These are meant to give the dangers and demerits of abortion and why it should be banned.
  • Pro-choice
According to abortionists, there is nothing wrong with the act because it centers on the woman’s decision to keep or terminate her pregnancy. Basically, this group believes that life starts after birth and the fetus in a woman’s womb is just a mass of tissues as it is yet to fully form. For abortionists, if a human being is yet to begin speaking and has no consciousness then he is not yet human.
There are many advantages postulated by the proponents of abortion. One of the strongest points is the issue of rape victims that seek abortion.  For such victims, abortion provides a
way out of a pregnancy that was not wanted and if kept will serve as a reminder of traumatic moments experienced under defilers.
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In addition to that, abortion has been known to save many women who developed health complications during their pregnancies. Abortionists have argued that in such cases the value of the woman is higher compared to the infant she is carrying. The woman has touched more lives and abortion is a solution to save her from death.
Abortionists also state that legalizing the act is a means of reducing population and curbing social issues that stem from broken families and single parenthood. Sometimes women are still in school or just beginning their careers when they get pregnant and this is stressful to them. Abortion gives women a choice to give birth when they feel they are ready psychologically, physically and financially. There is no reason why you should keep a baby you are unable to cater for.
Pro-choice supporters believe that legalizing abortion will give women access to safe abortion practices. This will reduce the related dangers of abortion and the number of women who experience complications after the procedures will significantly reduce.
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