Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Essays on Abortion should be Legal

The subject of whether abortion should be introduced formally in public hospitals has been discussed ad infinitum. Essays on abortion introduction and essays on abortion should be legal have become common assignments for different levels of learners. Proponents of abortion have many reasons why pro-choice is better than pro-life and why abortion should be made legal and easily accessible.
  • Life begins at birth and not at conception. This is a notion set forth in support of abortion. Since life begins at birth and not conception, abortion should be made legal because it is not akin to murder.
  • Women should have room for choice. Pro choice supporters believe that a woman should have a say on whether to keep a baby or not based on her emotion, physical, psychological and economic well-being. If a baby is going to interfere with any of this and cause her instability then she is better of terminating her pregnancy. By legalizing abortion there will be significant cases of abandoned children and single parent families because women will keep children that they are able to cater for.

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  • Fewer botched abortions and complications related to backstreet and quack services. These are as a result of women seeking services from quack doctors because they cannot access legal services for abortion procedures. Legalization of abortion will reduce such cases.
  • It will save lives for women whose pregnancies have complications. There are cases where termination of pregnancy is necessary in order to save the woman’s life. If abortion is legalized these procedures will be more efficient and less traumatizing for the women involved.
  • Pregnancy resulting from rape is yet another major reason why abortion should be legalized. Women who carry such pregnancies are already traumatized by their experiences in the hands of the assailants hence keeping the child might affect them psychologically.
These form the major basis for essays on abortion introduction and essays on abortion should be legal. As much as opponents of abortion disagree with the ethical and moral values of terminating pregnancies, legalizing abortion will reduce mortality rate, deformation and health complications of women who suffer under quack practices.

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