Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Essays on Abortion and Religion

Controversy surrounds the issue of abortion and many people always argue about this issue. There are proponents who have supported the idea of abortion stating that it is a woman’s decision to keep or abort a fetus. Essays on abortion and religion and essays on abortion being wrong do not however support the notion. Religion is more likely to embrace the moral and ethical values as opposed to liberalization.
Most religions have the reverence allegiance for a deity whom is believed to have created humans. In fact, many religious people state that life is ordained by their respective deities.  Essays on abortion being wrong are thus supported by most religious institutions. There are many reasons why essays on abortion and religion oppose the notion of abortion and legalization of the same.

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The beginning of life
According to many religions, life begins at conception. The moment a baby is conceived then it is regarded as a human being who is to be protected from any harm. Termination of pregnancy is therefore regarded as murder as it takes away a person’s right to live. This is a privilege that should only be exercised by a deity and not human beings.
Furthermore, religious followers argue that a woman has no right to terminate a pregnancy that she could have prevented. The right to choice, according to religious proponents of pro-life notions, is limited to contraceptive use and prevention of pregnancy. Once that has failed, then the woman has little choice but to allow the helpless being she carries to live.
Morality and ethics
Religion can never be divorced from moral ethics. There are certain expectations when it comes to living morally. Religious followers have argued that legalizing abortion will only dilute already degraded moral standards of society. Women will get pregnant knowing very well that they can terminate the pregnancy if they want to.  This will ultimately encourage women to be loose and promiscuous. Additionally, most religious opponents of abortion believe that the act is rife amongst unmarried women who engage in pre-marital sex which defies the expectations of religion.
Abortion also has detrimental effects on physical and psychological bodies and personalities of those who undertake it. Many women have died while undergoing the procedure. Others who survive it live with guilt and shame for the rest of their lives.
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