Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Essays on Abortion Pro-life

Everybody in this world has something to say on abortion. While some people support this act, others vehemently condemn it. In fact there are many types of essays on abortion.  Essays on abortion pro-life are normally written in opposition to abortion and legalization of it. Opponents of abortion have over the decades found many reasons to convince the world that this is an inhumane act of murder.
Life begins at conception
Unlike abortionists, pro-life supporters are of the view that life begins the moment the zygote meets the ovum and they fuse. Conception therefore marks the beginning of life and it is the right of the baby to live. A woman who aborts therefore denies the child the right to live. Pro-life activists believe that a woman has the right to avoid pregnancy by practicing
abstinence or using contraceptives. However once the child is conceived, it is not her choice to keep or abort the baby.
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Furthermore, those who choose life also believe that abortion is against religious and societal norms and as such people who practice abortion are breaking God’s commandments. It is important to note that most pro-life activists have their beliefs founded on morality and religious affiliations. In Christian perspectives, abortion is akin to breaking the commandment “Thou shall not kill” and literary evidence suggests that the early Christians were vehemently against infanticide.
Methods used in abortion have been termed by anti-abortionists as cruel and inhumane. They are all very brutal and since the fetus already has sensory nerves, pro-life activists believe they feel every pain as they are terminated. The repercussions of abortion are also cited by opponents of abortion as one of the reasons why people should refrain from the act. Majority of the women who have undergone abortion surgeries and procedures are affected psychologically. Some who have had the procedures in quack clinics have suffered health complications and ended up scarred for life. Pro-life supporters believe legalizing abortion will enhance moral degradation because of ease access to abortion services and this is why they strongly oppose such a move.

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