Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Essays Against Abortion

The education system in today’s world seeks to address controversial issues through assigning students essays on the touchy concerns of society. Abortion is one of the most debated controversies in the world. Essays on abortion pros and cons give opinions of opponents and proponents of abortion. Unlike the essays on abortion pros and cons, essays on abortion against speak strictly about why abortion is wrong.
Those who oppose abortion are normally in support of life for the fetus hence the name pro-life. Most of these normally emanate from religious, political and ethical point of view. For them abortion is murder. There are many reasons for their school of thoughts.
According to pro-life supporters, a woman has many options to prevent pregnancy. Majority of the group being religious will propose abstinence for the unmarried and contraceptive use for the married. If a woman forfeits the above options and gets pregnant then she has no right to terminate pregnancy. This is because the child did not choose to be conceived and has a right to life.

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Furthermore, the means by which abortion is procured are deemed cruel and inhumane to the infant. This is because they all entail killing the fetus in a brutal manner. Suctioning, dilation and evacuation, hysterectomy and saline amniocentesis are all very brutal methods of terminating life and yet they are the most commonly used in abortion procedures.
Religion also forbids infanticide with the bible aptly commanding “thou shall not kill”. The fact that in Psalms 139:13-15 David says that the Lord knitted him together in his mother’s womb shows that life begins at conception and should be respected. Christian values and other religious denominations are also against abortion.
When it comes to psychological effects of abortion, both men and women are affected. Women have undergone trauma because of guilt and even though the statistical evidence regarding this is highly classified and protected, most women who undergo abortion tend to feel depressed. For the men, science suggests that there is a feeling of loss and denial to fatherhood. Abortion is thus a traumatic act for both men and women.
Students can mention any of the above when writing essays on abortion against and essays on abortion pros and cons. These will enlighten the readers on reasons why pro-life supporters are against abortion. For further help with essays on abortion against and essays on abortion pros and cons students can visit our website and order for their customized assignments.

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