Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Essays on Abortion Being Wrong

As a controversial subject, abortion is regarded differently by individuals, groups and society at large. There are of course those who support the idea of pro-choice and those for pro-life. Essays on abortion being wrong are majorly put forward by those who support pro-life decisions. On the other hand, essays on abortion rights mainly stem from pro-choice proponents.
  • Why abortion is shunned
Opponents of abortion give many reasons for shunning the act. The cruelty surrounding termination of life is one of the major reasons why essays on abortion being wrong are written. Those opposing abortion believe that life begins at conception and as such aborting denies a helpless person the right to live and is akin to murder.
Moreover, those who shun abortion believe that the process encourages promiscuity amongst women and degrades morals. This is why they oppose legalization of abortion.
Abortion is also against societal norms and religious expectations and beliefs. It infringes on the child’s right to life. According to this school of thought, choice should be exercised by preventing pregnancy through abstinence and contraceptive use. However, once these means fail there is no option but to keep the baby. 
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  • Abortion rights activists
Essays on abortion rights support the pro-choice notions and regard abortion as the woman’s decision. These proponents believe that a woman should be allowed to choose whether or not to keep a fetus. They are thus of the opinion that life begins at birth and not conception. Accordingly, if a woman feels she is not ready to be a mother she should terminate the pregnancy.
Additionally, these proponents state it is necessary to terminate a pregnancy where a woman’s life is at risk because of the fetus she is carrying. Abortion activists generally believe it is better to legalize abortion and reduce the cases of backstreet operations that endanger the lives of young women. If abortion is legalized there will be fewer cases of struggling single mothers, abandoned children and broken families.
These are the views of proponents and opponents of abortion. You can choose to take a stand at the end of your essay or stay in the middle ground. Besides samples and tips, students who have a difficult time writing essays on abortion being wrong and essays on abortion rights can contact our expert writers and get customized writing assistance.

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