Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Essays on Abortion Pros and Cons

Abortion is defined as the termination of pregnancy before its complete term. There are divergent views on this issue and it is considered highly volatile. Proponents of abortion write essays on abortion pro-choice in a bid to convince people to maintain an open mind when approaching the subject. Essays on abortion pros and cons on the other hand have to analyze both the views of opponents and proponents of abortion.
Pros of abortion
Like any other issue abortion has its own advantages. Pro-choice supporters view abortion as advantageous because it allows women to exercise the right to choose whether they are ready for a baby. If a woman feels that she is unstable emotionally, financially and psychologically then she can opt to terminate the baby. This helps in controlling population and reducing the number of broken homes.
Additionally, pro-choice supporters argue in favor of abortion because it helps rape victims get rid of a pregnancy that will be a constant reminder of a traumatic experience. Where complications that jeopardize a woman’s health arise during pregnancy, abortion is a viable option in saving her life.

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Cons of abortion
On the other end of the story abortion is regarded with much intolerance by pro-life. This school of thought considers the methods of abortion crude, cruel and inhumane. Since for the opponents of abortion life begins at conception, they state that the fetus has all the needed senses to feel the pain as it is being killed.  It is also against most religious and societal norms and is shunned in almost all communities.
Moreover, abortion has been linked to several health complications such as hemorrhage, depression, infertility, ectopic pregnancies and even death. Statistics also show that abortion has a negative impact on male partners of women who undergo the procedure.
If legalized, opponents of abortion say that it will encourage promiscuity. Women will sleep around knowing well that they can terminate a pregnancy from any public health facility. This will lead to further moral decay in society.
Students who have to write essays on abortion pros and cons are supposed to explore both views when tackling the dynamics of abortion. They are also allowed to give their stance at the end of it all. If you are handling essays on abortion pro-choice only then you will speak mainly about abortionists and why they support the cause. Where you have problems dealing with essays on abortion pros and cons or even essays on abortion pro-choice then you should contact our professional writers for customized assistance.

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