Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Essays on Abortion

Controversial issues like abortion normally trigger heated debates and elicit different views from society. This is why most people tend to avoid such issues because they are considered too sensitive. Students however are compelled to write essays on abortion. The best essays ever written on this subject put into consideration the opinions of both opponents and proponents of the topic.
When it comes to essays on abortion you will be faced by two facets. The pro-life side is against abortion because it believes that life begins when the baby is conceived. This group feels the cruelty and inhumanity behind abortion interferes with the child’s right to live. If the woman had wanted to exercise her rights and choice she should have abstained from sex or used contraceptives to prevent pregnancy. As for the child, they are innocent and have the right to live. Many pro-life activists focus on the potential of the child if he is to be born.
The issue of religion also forms basis for arguments for those against abortion. Most religions embrace the commandments of their deities and are against murder. Abortion is therefore viewed as murdering of an innocent child.

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The other side of the coin presents totally opposite views. Abortionists support pro-choice. They believe a fetus does not have a conscience and is thus not fully human but a mass of tissues. They also believe a woman should not be forced to give birth when she feels she is not yet ready to raise the child.
One of the strongest bases for supporting abortion is cases where health complications compel doctors to terminate a pregnancy in a bid to save the mother’s life. Another strong point that abortionists exploit is where rape victims prefer to abort babies conceived during the tragic experiences. Pro-choice activists also believe that abortion can be used to control population and giving women this choice is empowering them.
When writing your essays on abortion you can choose to pick one side or discuss both sides depending on the instructions given. However the best essays ever written on abortion maintain an open perspective. Since it is a sensitive issue, it is best not to show bias towards one side unless you are strictly discussing a single facet of the topic.
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