Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Essays on Abortion: Introduction

Abortion has and will always remain a touchy issue. There are varying opinions concerning this matter and proponents and opponents have debated it to exhaustion. Research essays on abortion and essays on abortion introduction cover diverse views of this topic. They touch on both sides and leave the reader to decide for themselves whether it is right or wrong to carry out abortions and make them legal. Proponents and opponents are divided into two. The pro-choice support abortion while the pro-life are against the act.
  • Pro choice views
According to abortionist views life begins once the child is born. Hence abortion is not murder. It is therefore a question of choice for the woman carrying the fetus to either give birth or terminate pregnancy. Pro-choice proponents state that there are medical complications which may require one to choose the mother’s life over the fetus. This is their strongest point because it is supported by some pro-life supporters.

Additionally, pro-choice supporters state that it is important for women to dictate whether they are capable of raising a child before giving birth. This reduces strain on the women emotionally, physically and financially.
Pro-choice supporters also cite the cases of rape victims who choose to abort babies that were conceived during traumatic moments. This group believes that legalization of abortion will enhance safe practices of the service and the number of women who die or get complications from the backstreet and quack abortions will be reduced.
  • Pro-life opinions
For pro-life supporters abortion is regarded as a most cruel and inhumane form of murder. This group suggests that life begins the second a child is conceived. Denying the child the right to life is playing God and as such is murder. The woman had a choice to prevent pregnancy but once the baby is conceived it is its right to live. The various means by which abortion is procured are also considered cruel by the opponents of abortion.
According to pro-life supporters, legalizing abortion would promote promiscuity because women would have confidence that they can easily get rid of unwanted pregnancy any time they want to.  This would therefore degrade the already decayed morals of society.
There are many issues surrounding abortion and it is not a matter that can be regarded lightly. Different individuals and groups will give divergent opinions but when writing your essays on abortion introduction and research essays on abortion you must exhaust all opinions. Students who need further help with such essays can contact our professionals.

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